Tax laws define anything that you receive in money or kind as income and want to have a bite of it in the form of taxes. There is literally no escape from taxes. Tax legislations are framed in such a way that every individual has to pay something to the government at some point of time in the form of taxes.

Well, it seems like you have a few options left to take your entire earnings home legally without paying taxes:

1. Disability insurance premium

Disability insurance is taken to cover any loss arising from the occurrence of a disability. This could include impairment of mobility, vision or hearing as a result of accidents or age factors. The premium amount paid for disability insurance can be claimed as tax deduction. The quantum of deduction available is almost equal to life insurance in Dubai premium.

2. Proceeds from Keyman insurance bonus

Keyman insurance is life cover taken by an employer on the life of an employee. Insurance companies sometimes disburse dividends and bonuses accruing from investments made using the policy amounts. Any part of keyman life insurance bonus received by an employee is exempted from tax. However, this will require extensive calculations and supporting documentation to be submitted along with the tax returns.

3. Gift receipts

Gifts received in cash or kind upto a certain limit is always permissible as tax free. But such cash receipts or gifts should be received only on special occasions allowed by the tax law. Thankfully, most gifts are allowed as tax free. However, even if there is a situation which results in tax liability only the gift giver has to pay it and not the gift recipient.

4. Sale of residential property

Individuals and married couples who satisfy tax rules can use the sale proceeds of their residential living for leading the reminder of their lives. However, this provision is allowed mostly only for senior citizens. There is also a concept known as reverse charge mechanism which allows senior citizens to receive periodical tax free payments against sale of their residential property.

5. Dividend income

Income earned in the form of dividends from specific investments and stocks are exempted from tax. The tax component is usually borne by the dividend distributing company and is known as dividend distribution tax. Depending on the local tax laws, the entire dividend income irrespective of the type of stock can also be claimed as deduction.

The prime motive of taxes is to generate funds for the government to meet public expenditure. In addition it also acts as a barrier preventing unauthorized or illegal means of generating income. However, the above mentioned sources of income, aimed at helping selected sections of the society are perfectly legal and tax free too.

So you are travelling to work and your car breaks down! Can it get any worse than that? Car problems have become really common these days, which is why you will so many automobiles lined up at the mechanic’s shop. This means it will take some time to re-active your car, so what do you do in such a scenario? Most people would day public transport, but the main problem with public transport is that they run at their own timings and are not 100% reliable. You will have to change your entire schedule to comply with public transport and be in complete sync with it. Renting a car for some time can be another option which is more reliable than public transport.

How to go about the process

There are a number of companies out there who ensure good quality old cars for rent. The rent mainly depends on the duration of the rental period and the condition of the car. In case you want to go for cheap car rental Dubai, then all you have to do is find a company which offers such services through the internet. These days, most of them have a website where they mention everything. You could also contact the customer service and clear all your doubts. Most companies which have a website listed on the internet are very reputable and can be trusted easily. All you have to do is approach them and tell them about the kind of car you want and before you know it, you will have the automobile keys in your hands.

The choices

The company offering cheap car rental should be able to provide you with a wide selection of cars and give you the option to choose from many. You must always choose an automobile, which you are comfortable in or else, driving would become one hell of a task. Be sure to ask whether the automobile is serviced frequently or not, because another car breakdown would not be a good thing for you. You could also test drive to see how comfortable you are at driving it around. Be sure of the price which is being decided as per the duration of the bus rental Dubai. This will keep away the shocks of unexpected bills. Also, be careful while driving hired automobiles, an accident here and there can cost you more than you expect.

Be safe on the road

Just because you have a hired four-wheeler with you does not mean that you can be rash on the road. Be really careful and behave as if you are driving your own car. This sort of a mindset will ensure that you and the car both are very safe.

Interaction within an organization is vital for success in almost any role, but there are certain skills and techniques in particular that a new manager must adopt. With a newly built team, there are new dynamics that come into play. Understanding these dynamics is easier when classifying how a new manager will interact and communicate with team members and with people outside of the team.

Interacting With Members within the Team

As a new team manager, regular sessions with the team as well as one-off meetings are expected. Often meetings of all kinds even regular ones, is known for wasting time, so it is crucial that the skill of running effective meetings is mastered. Meetings often include brainstorming sessions and as a team manager, facilitating this is a must. This means that being comfortable enough to cultivate an environment that nurtures new ideas and a feedback process is important. It is more than simply spitting out creative ideas a new manager would have previously done as a regular participant in such a session. Actively listening is another important skill to master in order to provide effective feedback. It does not simply pertain to listening to what is being said but also being aware of body language. This helps them uncover problems early on, avoid harmful misunderstandings, and build a trusting relationship within the team.

The best way to hone and improve these skills is by taking part in communication skills training. This will help in getting messages across clearly and unambiguously. More so, it will break down the barriers of power distance between the newly appointed team manager and the rest of the team making interaction far easier. This form of training also includes improving verbal skills as well as the use of body language. By understanding the importance of the latter, a manager is capable of identifying the same within team members giving them more insight into a member.

Communicating With People outside the Team

An employee of higher management or immediate superior is probably the most important person a new team leader needs to interact with. They must take time to fully understand what is expected of them as well as the team and the best way to deliver it will certainly meet the approval of the superior.

Asking for further mentorship and coaching from higher management like requesting communications skills training is a great way of reflecting pro-activeness and the fact that they understand the value of communication within the organization. It is also important to ensure that things are thought out as far as possible before approaching a superior. In fact, the best way to deliver a message is by introducing the subject with a summary, and then talking about where help is required.

As a manager, a vital part of the job is to keep an eye on the team and protect it from unreasonable pressure. By learning skills like assertiveness and win-win negotiation, it exhibits positive qualities that the team is bound to pick up on and use themselves when interacting with other groups.

New team leaders and managers must ensure that the new dynamics involved must be looked at carefully and new skills adopted accordingly.

Investment options in the modern era are a growing market for businessmen, industrialists, manufacturers, service sectors, etc. You were an employee working for many years and you managed to save up a good fortune. Now, you are thinking of starting up your own business. However, you don’t know a thing about starting a business, registering processes, planning, budgeting and many more. For this reason, many consultancy companies are ready to help you to set up the business. Why do I need to hire a business set up company? You can enquire, clarify and receive advice and guidance from them. It would be the right place to start.

There are many advantages of hiring an agency to plan the process of setting up a business. Taking this step will increase the chances of earning higher returns on your investment. This support system will guide you from the first step to the end, so that you can overcome the many barriers that you would encounter when setting up the new venture. Here are some services that are provided by these companies:

Advantages of hiring an agency

If you are planning to set up a company in Dubai, New York, Australia, etc. business set up companies in Dubai are a great way to dig deep for information. They will provide information about the competitive markets, the rules and regulations about customs, duties, or taxes. These professionals will help you find a location to set up the business. You will be able to save money as these companies will take over the process and conduct the activities in a smooth flow.

For an already established businessman, investing in the same type of business might not be the best option in this new destination. Therefore, these companies offer tips and information on making successful and lucrative investment choices in these markets.

Professional team involved

These business set up companies have a team of experienced and skilled experts, to help an undisturbed flow of procedures. This legally registered team is the doorway for planning and executing a successful investment. These companies have a growing body of business networks with government agencies, banks, free zone business opportunities, etc. These companies provide services for setting up establishments in the free trade zones, offshore or, register under an economic department.

Clearing legal documents and registration procedures are the other significant service provided by them. These include residence and work visas, approving trade license and permits, liquidation of capital, etc.

Other services

The other services offered by a business set up company includes suggesting offices, which are fully furnished and services, receptionist lounge, international postal services (e.g. fax), office stationaries, etc. Options of enrolling to business and recreational clubs or, arranging business trips are also included when you hire a company.

Taking these into consideration, invest in the best venture today with the help of a business set up company.

I’m sure most of you have heard the infamous phrase ‘ buy what you need and not what you want’, certainly that was directed at us shopaholics who are hooked on busting our cash; we see something we like and the initial thought is to buy it and we compensate by telling ourselves that it won’t happen again. Don’t worry, we have all been there and the guilt really eats into you doesn’t it? Whether you’re someone who has enough money to throw around or rather a tight budget, it’s always better to be wise with your expenditures. We are here to help you, so that your approach to spending will guarantee a life of no regrets!

Shop in Advance

This simply means that you take a seat when you’re calm and relaxed at home, write down all the things you need and estimate an overall cost; this method will help you avoid impulse purchases. Window shopping is a trap and don’t fall for it! During your past time, you probably call your friends and decide to do some harmless shopping and then it’s love at first sight when you see that Gucci purse you have encountered in countless magazines. Before you know it, you’re heading home with a load of bags full of things you don’t even need. Trust me, the guilt will kick in when you go home and finally have some time to think.

Spend on Things you won’t regret

As much as it’s a wise choice to keep tabs on your spending habits, it’s also good to pamper yourself once in a way; do something out of the ordinary as opposed to always buying clothes, which you will most likely wear only once. Are you into sports? Why don’t you buy Chelsea football tickets or buy premier league tickets and treat yourself and your friends to a fun day of beer and a good match, as opposed to always splurging on unnecessary things.

If you buy Chelsea football tickets, it’s a done deal on the fun factor because it’s not every day that you get to watch the famous hunks play, LIVE! We got to admit there is some excitement in that, apart from the obvious anticipation of who will win. If you’re not a sports fan then perhaps indulge in a fancy meal at a restaurant that you have always wanted to go to or book yourself a spa day.

Use Cash, not your Credit Card

You’re likelier to spend more money when you use credit cards because there is no visible exchange of cash. Hence, you don’t really feel that bad. When you know you’re about to go on a shopping spree, take the amount you really need; the more you have in your wallet, the more you feel like being generous.

An additional tip is to never shop when you’re tired or had a bit too many to drink; this clouds your judgment and leads you to shop till you drop. Literally!

Whether you’re a man or woman, spending is something we’re all good at. You probably have those occasional days, where the philosophical side springs up and you give yourself that motivational speech about how ‘if there is a will, there is a way’. Whatever the case, the following tips are guaranteed to help you through the tough days of having to leave those amazing pair of shoes behind.

Every woman wants to look her impeccable best on the wedding day, and to make it possible, a woman will go all out to shop for a wedding dress, or maybe even hire a designer who will style a custom-made wedding wear for her. Shopping for your wedding dress should be the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your lifetime, because you are going to pick up “this grand attire” for your “grand day”. It requires proper planning and you should keep certain tips in mind before you actually start hunting for your bridal wear.

Choosing the right bridal wear

There are various factors which decide what kind of bridal dress you prefer to choose for your wedding. The season of the wedding, whether you have planned the wedding in the morning or in the evening, whether it is a formal affair, or a beach side wedding, a traditional church wedding, whether the backdrop of the wedding is a garden, or a grand historical place, all these decide what kind of wedding dress you could choose for yourself. Sometimes, the religion, custom and traditions followed in the bride’s family decide what kind of wedding dresses should be chosen by you. It also depends on your personal choice of wanting to spend economically for buying or designing a simple, elegant wear, or spending extravagantly to have a grand wedding wear. The advantage of going in for a simple wedding dress makes you wear it later too for small parties or get together, instead of just reserving it for only one day.

Kinds of Bridal wear

Bridal dresses could be simple wedding wears where there are not too many decorative laces, pearls or beads embedded but still designed extremely well in subtle shades like ivory, champagne or diamond white. You could choose to talk to your designer and get the best fit done for you even if it is a simple designed wedding gown, and still look elegant and beautiful. It is just important to find a reputed designer who understands your tastes and needs, and designs the dress well within your budget. If your wedding gown has a subtle shade and doesn’t have heavy decorative pieces adorned on them, you can plan to wear beautiful accessories, which highlight your dress and you. You can pair them with a pretty pair of footwear which brightens up your attire.

An expensive wedding dress could have been made out of a beautiful imported expensive fabric with all the laces and pearls, excessive sequins and beading. The designer creates an exquisite piece according to your style and taste, and you end up paying a heavy amount.

Whether you choose a simple bridal wear, or an expensive one, you have to try out before approving of it. You need to sit, walk, bend, stoop and check whether you are comfortable carrying the most important outfit, before you finalize, and pay the amount.

Irrespective of the work that any company will do, that is bound to be a lot of paperwork that will have to be taken care of. However trivial the contents of it may be, there is every possibility that it will be required for the presentation of the more important documents and reports. They will have to be taken care of with the same amount of precision that other tasks are going to require.

Finding an alternative to the conventional methods

What if the staff that you employ is going to be busy with the work that they are employed to do and will find no time in order to take care of supplementary paperwork? That doesn’t mean that the task can be completely forgotten about. In situations like this, you will need document clearing services facilities in order to process all your paperwork.

Hiring professional hands to get it done easily

Even though you will attribute a little less importance to the effort which is going to be put in with regard to paperwork, there is every chance that document clearing services providers are going to be absolutely meticulous in the discharge of their duties. For example, their task may be simply to segregate the paperwork are various departments; human resource, public relations, advertisement, recruitment and selection, training and development, research and finance. You could imagine the pile of papers that all these departments will be contributing. Sorting out all these will be not just a time-consuming affair but something that will require quite a bit of cerebral input.

Following established norms

Just because you’re going to hire professionals in order to take care of your paperwork sorting needs does not mean that they can use their own approach. They will have to be made aware of the system that the company follows and their segregation duties should be discharged by keeping in mind the already established pattern. Otherwise, they may sort out things in one way and it will turn out to be a complete state of confusion because the priority system is accommodating the paperwork in another way.

Speedy facilities at your disposal

In most situations, employees of a company will have the skills to take care of these tasks. The only time that they may not be able to is when they are going to be hard pressed for time. Therefore, professionals can be hired when there is going to be a strict deadline that has to be adhered to and they will get it done within no time at all.

In case you are struggling with your deadlines, it is always better to hire the professional service providers by spending a few extra bucks. This will ensure the much needed mental peace, and enable you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

The world around us is constantly bustling with activity. We work in order to earn an income so that we may provide not just for ourselves but also our families and those we care about. Thousands of companies around the world are engaged in industries of varying natures and business practices. Commercialization and industrialization have seen the rise of skyscrapers and countless buildings that house the offices to some of the biggest names in business amongst others. However, at the same time many an employee has day-dreamed about the day he would be the boss of his own office.


So you have an idea that you believe will truly make a difference out there and help you make it in the business world. While you have some knowledge about the business field, the exact details are somewhat hazy.

If you are serious about your venture then you will need to start looking into the facts. The business world is all about numbers and solid facts and an unsteady entry could be lethal for your potential to grow and expand. The competition is stiff and only those who keep working relentlessly especially at the start to establish themselves end up making it somewhere.

Trying to put everything together such an office space, legal documentation and equipment to name a few can be rather overwhelming especially if you do not particularly have business knowledge. With a little help from a setup DMCC company (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), you should be able to take off in no time!


The next step to bringing your business idea into fruition is to look at what goes into setting up a business. If this is you first venture, it is especially important that you look at every little detail. You need to conduct a significant amount of research on not just the business world but also the particular industry you are hoping to cater to. Below are some pointers that can help you:

– Analyse the market: Market research is invaluable. You can gather information on your customer base, target market as well as the significance of what you are offering.

– Your price: As a start-up company, always go for lower prices than your competitors. You need to remember that there are countless others out there also competing for the same market share. You can always increase your prices in the future depending on your progress.

– Your 1st sale: Be realistic. If you are quitting your existing job to run your own business you need to have sufficient income to sustain yourself. Your company is not going to make huge profits right away so look at when you could make your first sale.

– Monitor your competitors: The key to ensuring your business stays relevant is by analyzing your competitors. What are they doing that keeps their market share? What can you use to benefit you?

– Marketing: Aside from traditional methods of marketing, online marketing is all the rage now with proven results. Explore your marketing avenues and what works best for you.

– Sales acumen: You will have to learn to sell. If you cannot sell your product you cannot hope for revenue. Your sales strategy will determine your customer ratio.

– Make a schedule: There is a lot that goes into the entire process and you need to keep track of it all. List down everything you need to get done with a timeline for effective planning


Everyone is competing for the same end result and if you are not sure of what you are doing you are setting yourself up for failure. Do not be afraid to get help and ask questions. You can benefit greatly with the assistance of a setup DMCC company as they can guide you through getting yourself everything you need to begin including all the confusing paperwork. They also offer consultation services so you can always go to them for advice. This will help you re-analyse your business strategy and see what you need to rectify in order to change course.


The fact that you run your own company no matter how big or small is a great thing in itself. It requires determination and hard work and the fact that you are ready to commit to that is half the battle won. Dream big and always harness new ideas and concepts so you remain innovative. It takes a while to find your feet and be stable but in the long-run, it is worth it!

Any college student is faced with a dilemma of finding a suitable apartment. Particularly, when the campus is far away from your hometown. You, and your family have many questions running through your minds. You have to go through information before choosing the best option, since you’re moving in alone.

It is a strenuous task, because brokers are eagerly waiting to make a deal that is beneficial to them. All in all, it is important to get your family’s approval before reaching a decision. Cheaper rentals that are closer to the campus can still be disadvantageous. Or, on the behest of the broker you may end up moving to a corrupted neighbourhood. Therefore, one must conduct a thorough search before taking the final decision.What features you should look for?

Firstly, focus on finding an affordable apartment, because your parents might be paying your tuition fees. Find a part-time job, so that you can take care of other expenses. Hence, the rent should be within a limit that you can pay. There are a variety of apartments such as family, luxury, student apartments, and so on. Since you’re a college student moving in alone, look for student apartments for rent.

Above all when hunting for student apartments, look into neighbourhoods that are safe. Make a call to the local police station, and inquire about the neighbourhood. It has been reported that college students are easy targets for criminals, and robbers surrounding colleges. Your parents can rest comfortably at home, knowing that you are safe.

A short commute to college

Apart from the basic details for hunting apartments, there are benefits of moving to a student apartment closer to the campus. A short commute to the college is highly advantageous. Your mom, or aunt wouldn’t be around to pamper you, and bring the morning meal to your room. Therefore looking for apartments for rent Dubai, closer to the campus, can make your life a bit easier.

You may have a late night study session with your peers, or a late night party, and one has to attend lectures the next day. Thus, this will be an ideal option.

Go to your part-time Job and hang around with friends

Most college students start working either to collect some extra cash, or pay their rent, and daily expenses. As a result, a college student can find a job closer to the apartment and campus. The convenience of being employed, and living closer to the campus saves your time, and money spent on transport. Moreover, you are always a few blocks away from meeting your friends, whether it is for late study night sessions, or simply enjoying the evening.

Make some calls, and choose the apartment, and enjoy the benefits of living near the campus.

Although for certain simple legal matters any lawyers would do, for cases that involve a lot of money and have higher risks it best to hire a specialist who is experienced in the particular field. For instance, it is wiser to consult lawyer specialized in commercial law when you are dealing with internal business disputes. But finding a specialist is not a simple matter either. Listed below is some free advice that will help you out.


References are very important when looking for a specialist in any field. In this case, a referral would enable you to know a lawyer’s qualifications, expertise and history without having the need to meet him/her in person. You must ask the referee about his/her personal experience with the lawyer. But do not come to a decision after listening to one reference. Try out a few to see if they all correlate with each other.

The Internet

There are websites that specialize in offering free legal advice. Find them out and clarify all the doubts you have regarding choosing a suitable lawyer Dubai. You can also look for online platforms that offer referrals as well. Some of these sites may be specific to your city and thus will enable you to find a local lawyer. This can reduce your travelling expenses as well. But you need to be careful since information gathered from online cannot be considered as 100% reliable.

Find a Specialist

Even though you may believe that a general practitioner who offers free legal advice in Dubai would do the job, he/she would not entirely be knowledgeable about your specified region on work. For instance, it is easier to find criminal lawyer than to find a lawyer who has practiced small business law. This is mainly because criminal law is more lucrative than the alternative. Thus, it is smarter to choose an attorney who already knows what exactly you require to win this case than someone who needs to a lot of research about the field.


A lawyer is someone with whom share some of your intimate secrets with. Thus, it is important to be able to build a connection with your lawyer to have better understanding and communication. Make sure that the attorney will not just see you as a client or a mean to make money, but rather a person who is genuinely in need of help.

Therefore, do not fail to remember these points when choosing your attorney to ensure that you are investing your money and future in the right hands.